The Company

Enoil Bioenergies Italia SpA

The management team brings together a combination of an in-depth knowledge and understanding of biotechnology and renewable energy, plus a long history of building and managing projects and companies in the energy sector.
Our experience of every link in the value chain, from supply and storage to logistics and distribution, as well as the creation of essential relationships for a successful business model, are supported by the values that permeate all the activities of Enoil Bioenergies Italia SpA, which means integrity, sustainability and excellence.
We build on our reputation for quality work, professionalism and commitment.
The President, Giovanni Colangelo


Board of Directors

Colangelo Giovanni (Chairman and Chief Executive Officer)

Caroldi Maurizio (Chief Executive Officer)

Capone Pellicciari Giuseppe Director

Ciappa Giovanni Director

Mauro Roda Director

Franchi Romano Director

Board of Statutory Auditors

Avv. Alberto Camellini President

Dott. Fabio Rumbo Member

Dott. Ruben Viti Member

Legal consultants

Avv. Raffaele Frontino

Consulente Fiscale e Amministrativo

Dott. Cataldo Mininno

Research & Development

Ing. Prof. Daniele Pulcini

Prof. Francesco Pedrielli

Auditing Firm

Rewind Srl

Registered Office

40043 Marzabotto (BO)
ViaTorrenera, 6

VAT Number

P. IVA e CF 03592511202

Enoil Biotechnologies

Advanced Biotechnology & Renewable Energy

Enoil Biotechnologies is an Advanced Biotechnology and Renewable Energy company registered in Switzerland.

Head Office
Rue Muzy 1
1207 Genève

+ 41 22 548 11 00

Certified Auditor
Duchosal Berney SA

Enoil Holding SA


The main objective of Enoil Holding S.A. is the acquisition of a stake in all companies and businesses, in Switzerland or abroad, having their business in the sectors of renewable energy, electric mobility, biofuels, bio-fortified agriculture and the sustainable circular economy. The Company also carries out a commercial and financial operation, directly related to renewable energy, electric mobility, biofuels, bio-fortified agriculture and sustainable products. Furthermore, the Company grants loans or other forms of financing to associated companies, as well as any type of surety, for the direct or indirect benefit of the affiliates, in particular in the form of guarantees and pledges or sureties on the company's assets.

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Registered Office
40043 Marzabotto (BO)
Via Torrenera, 6

VAT Number
P.IVA e CF03592511202

REA Number
BO – 531935