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There are various areas of the world still affected by very serious food crises and 821 million people today suffer from hunger, that is 1 in 9 of the world population. The problem is extremely complex and climate change will contribute to and further aggravate an already difficult situation.

Our Project:

In the fight against malnutrition (Global hunger) we contribute with the study and creation of new foods, introducing sustainable foods with high nutritional value into our food system.

Our Solutions:

Microalgae are a sustainable source of protein and energy and do not compete with other food resources, utilising non-arable land, limited water requirements, no pesticides / herbicides, year-round production and extremely high growth rate. These are just some of the advantages of growing microalgae for food and there are many more. Agronomic biofortification and organic and environmentally friendly agriculture, the use of renewable energy, are our alternative and viable solutions.

Fighting Climate Change:

Short-sighted political commitments, companies that continue to burn gas, oil and coal while politics stall. Climate change is underway. Science has warned us: the climate is changing faster than we believe and to continue to be on a habitable planet as it is now, we must keep the temperature rise within 1.5 ° C. We only have 10 years to achieve it.

Our Project:

The fight against climate change is only possible by making investments in renewables and energy efficiency, electric mobility, agriculture and environmentally friendly livestock.

Our Solutions:

We contribute with the study and construction of the latest generation of solar cells and panels "Perovskite Project", with the creation of products and technologies for sustainable agriculture, with products to make farms more environmentally friendly and with CO2 reduction and capture systems.

Use of renewable energy:

In the fight against climate change we must progressively abandon fossil fuels and accelerate the energy transition to a 100% renewable world and halt deforestation.

Our Project:

Building 100% renewable energy power plants, with no CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.

Our Solutions:

Microalgae are a sustainable and inexhaustible source of biomass with exponential growth all year round. From this biomass we can extract biofuels and cellulose. Biofuels allow the production of 100% renewable energy and cellulose from microalgae allow the production of biodegradable packaging without cutting down trees. Furthermore, CO2 emissions are captured in a continuous cycle for the nutrition of the microalgae.

Good Health:

Today our health is increasingly threatened by environmental pollution and poor-quality food due to soils which have become poor in nutrients.

Our Project:

Research to produce drugs, food supplements and superfood with microalgae and microalgae extracts.

Our Solutions:

Produce microalgae and microalgae extracts on an industrial scale to produce drugs and food supplements with the following health benefits: detoxification from heavy metals such as mercury (one of the components of amalgam used in dental fillings) and chlorinated hydrocarbons (CHC) ) present in pesticides and insecticides; antiviral effect in case of herpes and flu, but also of measles, mumps and even AIDS; prevention, even inhibition of cancer, especially liver cancer and the formation of metastases in general; strengthening of the immune system; general stimulation of the body's self-healing systems; improved metabolism; improvement of the intestinal flora; stimulation of hematopoiesis (production of blood cells); lowering of cholesterol; weight reduction in case of overweight; (relative) defence from radiation and cellular poisons such as the so-called "free radicals".

Responsible Production and Consumption:

The food sector accounts for 30% of total energy consumption, and is responsible for 22% of greenhouse gas emissions. Consumption and sustainable production aim to "do more and better with less", increasing the benefits in terms of well-being derived from economic activities, through the reduction of the use of resources, degradation and pollution in the entire production cycle, thus improving the quality of life.

Our Project:

To use microalgae and microalgae extracts to produce advanced animal nutrition products (farming and aquaculture) for better animal nutrition and health without the use of antibiotics. Create special organic feeds to replace traditional feeds. Use renewable energy sources for energy needs and use the slurry produced by farms for the production nutrients for algae growth, biogas and organic fertilizers.

Our Solutions:

Produce advanced products, without the use of antibiotics, for animal nutrition (livestock and aquaculture). Create and produce special organic feed. Create plants for the treatment of sewage produced by farms for their transformation into biogas and organic fertilizer. "Energy Farm Project"


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